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​FJ's Friday Feature: Mike Keaney

8 days ago
Mike Keaney

The FJ Friday Feature Blog gives a chance for our candidates and clients to get to know our team better. This week's FJ Friday Feature speaks with Mike Keaney our Executive Search Consultant based in our London Office.

1. What initially got you into recruitment?

I wanted a job where your earnings were tied to your effort and achievements. I used to work in the events industry where deadlines can be very tight and you get recognition for going the extra mile, so I wanted to do an office-based role which brought those qualities into that kind of environment.


2. What are your favourite things about working at FJ?

Everything just makes complete sense – it’s a culture that rewards hard work, but that is also very ‘human’ and encouraging, which is a lot rarer than you would expect at
recruitment firms - usually companies lean heavily towards one or the other, but Finlay James nails them both.


3. Describe your perfect, non-work day.

It’ll be based around hiking, for sure! Alarm goes off early, decent day spent in the countryside, followed by some Netflix in the evening.


4. What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

Get stuck in at Finlay James and – if this is even possible – enjoy a Post-Covid world! I wonder what that looks like.

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