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​FJ's Friday Feature: Matthew Owens

4 months ago
Matt's Fj

1. What initially got you into recruitment?

I originally got into the tech industry and recruitment as most of my friends worked within the sector. I liked the idea of recruitment regarding the skills and
experiences I can learn.

2. What are your favourite things about working at FJ?

My favourite thing about working at FJ is the culture. Everyone is friends and get along. I love the work hard, play hard environment, where you get rewarded for hard work which is rare in some companies. John and Sara really aid working here, and are always available for help. Easy to get to know everyone, they have got right in an industry where it is easy to get it wrong. It is so cool to be able to speak to people all over the world, I love speaking to candidates from the US and Germany.


3. Describe your perfect, non-work day.

Chilling out with my best mates, maybe get a takeaway and playing FIFA.

4. What are your short-term goals?

Within the next 12 months - 2 years, I would love to be a manager and within the next 5 years, I would love to work in the US or Europe in a central role.

My personal goals are to earn enough to buy a few properties to rent out and to buy a Porsche.



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