Finlay James | FJ Friday Feature Blog - Rianna Sarsons


​FJ's Friday Feature: Rianna Sarsons

about 1 month ago
Finlay James | FJ Friday Feature Blog - Rianna Sarsons

​​The FJ Friday Feature Blog gives a chance for our candidates and clients to get to know our team better. This week's FJ Friday Feature speaks with our Managing Consultant Rianna Sarsons. Rianna joined the FJ family 6 and a half years ago and is based in our London office.

1. What initially got you into recruitment?

As like many other people, it was pure luck! I was called out of the blue by a rec to rec representing FJ and here we are! I knew I wanted to be in a people focussed job and recruitment seemed to fit the bill.

2. What are your favourite things about working at FJ?

I have always loved the fact that we are a boutique agency. I couldn’t imagine working in a corporate environment, it’s not me! We are like one big, weird and wonderful family! 6.5 years later and I have always had new goals to reach in my career and personal life and FJ have always offered me the platform to be successful. I hear horror stories about the culture and management at other agencies so I feel super lucky!

3. What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

Well, to finally be allowed out of my house and to the pub again hopefully (post covid!), but seriously, that’s tricky, I am more of a here and now type of girl. My goals will regularly change or differ depending on circumstances – although I would love to be in a position to travel the world more, both personally and professionally. I wonder how FJ would feel about opening up an office in Barbados?!

4. What you recommend to someone who is just starting up in recruitment?

There is so much however…

  1. Be patient, trust the process and don’t take everything to heart

  2. Throw yourself into it – don’t be shy you have nothing to lose!

  3. Be consistent, driven and remember to remind yourself why you do the job

  4. Be reliable, trustworthy and build meaningful relationships

  5. However much you hate it… don’t put off your admin

5. Describe your perfect, non-work day.

Oh, I’m easily pleased. A summer non-work day would involve a lot of roof top cocktails and a good old Netflix binge!

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