FJ's Friday Featured: Sam Chitty

5 months ago by Mia Stubbs
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1.       Overview of your journey in recruitment so far.

Two months deep really enjoying it! A lot of exposure to every aspect of the role and industry, I’m speaking to both decision makers and candidates in a multitude of roles such as sales, marketing and implementation. It’s great that I am able to influence, support and learn from people who have been working in this space for over a decade and if not longer from day 1. I had worked with plenty of Recruiters before whilst doing the internal recruitment in a previous role. Because of this I had an idea of what recruitment was like but the day to day work with FJ and recruitment is so rewarding as it faces me with so many challenges that I have enjoyed overcoming.

 2.       What’s your favourite part of the job?

Recruitment is all about meeting new people, growing your network and making relationships with people in your space and I love that social side of things!


3.       How did you get into recruitment?

I had done internal recruitment for a previous employer and wanted a role that developed and stretched me as an individual as well as equipping with a great platform of skills for the rest of my career and recruitment ticked all those boxes. It isn’t a career path that many people naturally fall into, and I didn’t head into recruitment straight out of University, but the more you look the more you realise recruitment is rewarding personally and financially as well as a respected career route.


4.       Describe a typical weekend.

I’ve lived in London for over 6 months now and am still adjusting to the enjoyment and stress of the London life. A night out in a new part of the city or exploring the corners of London with my girlfriend or housemate tends to happen most weekends as I am still a tourist in my own city. When I’m not travelling to see family or the girlfriend, I am out playing golf with my brother who’s also a Recruiter in London to attempt to get some fresh air at some point in the weekend.


5.       What are your goals for 2020 (both personal and work related).

Personally, I want to move more central and get an apartment with all my friends who are moving up to London later this year. With Finlay James I want to have had my first promotion in year one and to become a 360 Recruiter.