Project Freedom

This is the opportunity to trial having no set hours or place of work but instead having the freedom to work where you want, when you want, how you want.

Our people now have no set working hours. They have no set work environment. They can choose to work when they want, where they want. What we are focusing on here is output so provided they are achieving or over-achieving their KPIs on a weekly basis the Project will be a success.

This might mean for example that one day someone choses to come into the office for 7am but at 3pm they leave to go to the gym then in the evening they may log back in to do some more work. Or they not. They might choose to go the beach one sunny afternoon and log back in to complete more tasks at the weekend. Some days they may work only 5 hours other days they may work 10.

The aim is to work smart. Choose how and when you work to increase productivity. So if you are particularly tired one morning you may choose to have a lie-in and start work at 10am and another day you might be wide awake at 9pm and do some more work. The choice is theirs.

There is an added team related bonus which is that if the whole team target is met by the Friday morning the whole team can finish at 12pm. 

Information is shared daily. Everyone, ( the CEO included!), now uses Slack and email is now a secondary form of communication.

The project aims to engage, empower and increase our trust in our people by offering ultimate flexibility. If Richard Branson can offer unlimited annual leave we thought we could try this with no set working hours!

There are a couple of links below to articles that have examined the pros and cons of no set hours.