What Can the Olympics Teach Sales Professionals about Discipline?

What Can the Olympics Teach Sales Professionals about Discipline?

Once again, Olympic fever is sweeping the nation as we cheer on the athletes who are representing us on the world stage in Rio! Occasions like this are sure to make people feel proud of their country.

As salespeople, we can learn a lot from our world class athletes about discipline.  Gold medals require preparation, training and hard graft...sound familiar?!

For example, take the young British paddler, Joe Clark. He won Gold in the K1 canoe slalom, but was never tipped as the favourite in the build up to the competition. Joe had been preparing hard for the event after a number of other competitions where he was less successful. This level of determination and persistence is something that we can all take as a shining example of what is needed to succeed in anything that we do. Despite the odds being against him, Joe continued with his hard work and now he has a shiny gold medal to show for it!

In the world of sales, the odds are often stacked against us; it can be easy to give up when it seems like the goal that we are trying to reach seems so far away. However, the best sales people are those who can adapt and persevere with their goals until they eventually (and inevitably) succeed!

Perhaps the lesson that we can take from watching the Olympians over the next few weeks is that success is often the result of a very long struggle.

Don’t stop until you have that gold medal around your neck (or that commission cheque in the bank!!!).