The Golden Rule of Sales

The Golden Rule of Sales

It may sound cliché, but it's just so true.

'You get out what you put in’.

Finlay James has placed thousands of sales people within the IT industry since 2003, and having worked with many respected sales professionals, we hopefully know what we're talking about! Even though the sales landscape has changed over the last decade, with social selling and more technologies emerging daily, the basics of sales remain the same - you get out what you put in.

If you are a sales rookie, you can't necessarily beat your peers on know-how, however, you can out-work them.

Or you could be a seasoned sales professional with years of experience; however, as soon as you take your foot of the pedal and start winding down, your sales will take a hit.

The sales profession has no real respect for experience, all that sales respects is hard work.

That's why you hear experienced sales professionals say 'back to basics' so much when they hit a slump; because, in the end, your attitude to sales and to work is the line between closing deals or falling behind on target.

That is what makes sales such a fantastic career – whether you’re starting out or have been working in sales for years, sales is the greatest meritocracy there is.

Sales can give you anything you want, the house, the car, the lot; but it will demand one simple thing in return: hard work.

Because what you put in, you will get out. 


Thank you to Sales Initiative for originally publishing this blog.