The 7 apps all sales professionals need to know about

The 7 apps all sales professionals need to know about

If you work in sales you’ll probably be blessed with a busy diary and not much time. Fortunately the smart sales professional can use mobile apps to get more done in less time – a bit like having a personal assistant or a very trustworthy sidekick. I’m talking apps that can convert business cards into contacts on your phone, clock up how many miles you’ve done in your company car and even allow you to remotely print key documents from your device. If I was a sales professional, be that field sales or inside sales, here are the apps you’d find on my phone (and most of them are free!).

When you have a lot of important meetings - Meeting Mapper FREE

Meeting Mapper

Described as ‘the missing piece in CRM’ this app allows you to document and track all your customer meetings in SalesForce while you’re on the go. It has an Instant Sync function which imports all of the key info whenever there’s a wireless connection: ID of decision makers, opinions of the key meeting attendees, notes and activities. It will even schedule actions for follow up. With this app, meetings become far more valuable.

When you have a huge amount of calls to get through - Power Dialer (for Android only) £2.98

Power Dialer

From, this handy app goes through your call list for you by integrating with your CRM and using best practice and predicative analytics to ensure every call is a hot call. No more manual dialling. No more time wasted on cold leads. The aim is simply to close more deals because you’ll be calling more of the right people.

When you need to print a key document quickly – Printershare FREE


In a nutshell, this gives you unlimited remote printing without the annoyance of finding a nearby PC or transferring files. There does have to be a printer though!

When you’re out networking at industry events – FullContact Card Reader FREE

Fullcontact Card Reader

Instead of fishing around in pockets or bags you can use this app to scan a business card into more than 250 apps. The real bonus is you store all of your acquired business cards in one place and will never lose them. Smooth networking.

Want to know if you’re dealing with a hot or cold prospect – Sidekick lead tracker FREE 

Sidekick Lead Tracker

This is a super cool app that tells you in real-time when prospects click or open your emails and integrates with both Outlook and Gmail. Basically, you can use this tool to spend less time on prospects who aren’t interested while focusing more time on those who are.

When you’ve got one hell of a hefty to-do list – Any.Do FREE


This list-making and note-taking app pefectly syncs all the stuff you have to do from all of your devices, conveniently giving you one streamlined list. Features include collaborative lists, the option to assign tasks and the ability to update lists in real-time. A slick interface means that this is an easy way of managing your priorities and, let’s face it, getting stuff done.

When you’re out on the road in your company car – MileBug £2.29


This app is literally a GPS mile tracker that makes it easy to clock up your mileage when you’re out on the road – handy for claiming your expenses. You can keep track of all your different trips and also export reports, as CSV or HTML files.

 What are your favourite sales apps? Have we left one out that you can't live without?