Stage five: the close

Stage five: the close

Finally! Time to close. For this crucial stage, I recommend you use the “Positive, Summary, Alternative Close” technique. I would suggest always using something like the below when finishing up the meeting:

“I feel that the meeting has gone well. I like the sound of the job and the role, the challenge excites and interests me and on a personal level I feel that we get on well. At the start of the meeting you said that you were looking for a, b, c, d and e. I feel that I have demonstrated a, b, c, d and e. However, I think that what is important is not so much what I think about you but what you think about me.  Therefore based on what you have seen and on what you have heard today, are you comfortable taking me forward to second interview?”

This process I have outlined over the past 5 days might seem pedantic but the fact is we know it works. Following this approach will give you a solid structure to follow during your interview. This is good because it allows you to take control and also stops you from going off on a tangent which could be harmful to your chances. Utilising these tips will display your sales approach by effectively qualifying the client’s requirements. So you are demonstrating your suitability and closing for the next stage.

Take a look at this video of one of our Directors John Gaughan verbally outlining the traditional sales technique to approaching and closing an interview.

Good luck!