My work experience at Finlay James

My work experience at Finlay James

In July 2015, Daniel Socha came to Finlay James to do some work experience. Below, Daniel explains what he learnt whilst he was here and how he found working at Finlay James.

For me, the best thing about my work experience at Finlay James was learning how people in an office work. How they have goals, and are focused to meet these goals; how they work as a team as well as individually to meet their targets.

There wasn’t a single bad part to my work experience. Everything has been a new way of learning and really has benefited me. I now have an idea of what working life will be like. Working 9 hours a day took a lot of getting used to in comparison to the 6 hour school day! I particularly liked how the Manchester office is a vibrant place to work and it’s full of friendly and welcoming people. The office is a very modern, open and spacious place, so it’s a nice fresh working environment.

I loved how the staff get on not only as colleagues but as a group of friends. It’s very different from a school classroom, obviously there is more concentration and focus; everyone is much more professional on how they approach things.

From having the privilege of being taken on board to work with the Finlay James team, I have learnt that the working world requires lots of commitment. Recruitment is very competitive and that isn’t easy. It takes time, focus and dedication. It’s clear for me to see that everyone in the office works hard to achieve their full potential.

After having my work experience somewhere that has a great competitive edge, I am considering having a future in recruitment. The job definitely has a strong correlation between how hard you work and what you are given back.

But the thing I liked most about the Finlay James team is that they are such a strong a team. They aren’t in it just for themselves. They take pride in how they work, and they help other people archive their goals, and could potentially be improving someone’s life dramatically by finding them a job.

The time I have spent here has made the career path I want to pursue clearer. Seeing how much success can be achieved by hard work has given me an insight in to the attitude and skills I need to adopt to get the job I am aiming towards.