Life hacks for sales professionals

Life hacks for sales professionals

As a sales professional, you will inevitably find that you don’t have time to do anything, yet somehow have to do everything, right?

Having worked with sales people in the technology sector for several months now, I have identified 6 ideas to help you better plan and organise your day.

1.       Make time work for you

Use your time wisely and organise your day. Benjamin Franklin was on to something when he said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” We all know how quickly our diaries fill up but keep yourself focused and try not to multitask (you’ll be far more productive if you put all your energy into one task). Make sure you have cleared your diary ready to start again the next day.

When working, ensure your clients are also. It sounds obvious but when your clients are away, make sure that you are still hitting it hard working on other projects and building new relationships.

2.       Realistic Goals

You’ll feel so much better at the end of the day if you’ve completed everything you set out to do, and this will help you to maintain a positive mindset. So set yourself realistic and achievable goals. No one likes feeling like an underachiever. Don’t overcomplicate a task – practice what you have learnt.

3.       Productivity

Eliminating your more difficult tasks early on can give you an exhilarating sense of achievement and motivate you to remain productive throughout the rest of the day or even week. Ask yourself: when am I at my most productive? If you know it’s early morning then that’s when you should be doing your more challenging tasks. What makes you more productive? Many sales people find going to the gym before work a brilliant way of getting in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Sometimes a carbohydrate heavy lunch can kill sales productivity by sending you into a ‘carb coma’ and making you drowsy. If that’s the case, stick to healthier lunches!

4.       Pick up the phone

Don’t hide behind your keyboard. Open questions and answers via email waste time, so get on the phone – it’s quicker and leads to direct results. If it isn’t phone worthy, it’s probably not worth your time at all! Plus, never dial a number without thinking: what do I want to get out of this call? Sounds simple but means you keep your eyes on the prize.

5.       Don’t be scared to say no

Work on and prioritise critical projects. Keeping your work relevant is important. If someone tries to fill up your diary and it can wait until next week, say no!

6.       Be a social media butterfly

Social media can save you more time than you might think. Being tech savvy and using social media platforms allows you to analyse the behaviour of your potential clients and competitors. What are your top 5 clients tweeting about? Use this information to strengthen your relationships or create opportunities. Who are your competitors connecting with on LinkedIn? Could they be potential customers for you?

How do you manage your day? We’d love to hear from you!