How to be a Top Biller in Recruitment

How to be a Top Biller in Recruitment

As a recruiter, hitting your revenue target is no easy achievement. In fact, there are some suggestions that less than 50% of people actually do it. Now, there will be some agencies that set unrealistic targets but this cannot be the case for all. So, what does it take to be a top biller in recruitment?

You should start by asking yourself these four questions;

  • Who in the company currently bills the most?
  • How do they manage their time?
  • What market do they work in? Chances are they are pretty specific…
  • Finally, how do they build and manage their network?

The reasons these questions are important is not to copy or emulate the top biller in your agency, but to understand the key traits that top biller has to achieve their success. You see, top billing recruiters are a special breed of a salesperson. They are relentless, driven, have an intense hunger for money and a blinkered attitude when it comes to closing the deal. Understanding how they spend their time is key to not only improving your own productivity but perhaps setting you on the right path to the coveted title of ‘Top Biller’.

According to Satnam Brar, MD of Maximus IT, there are a number of key traits which separate the top % of recruiters from the rest, here are our top picks;

1. Communication skills 

A recruiter must be an excellent speaker, but a better listener. “The biggest billers really hear what they are being told, from both client and job seeker… Big Billers use questioning to find the information they need to service their customers.”

2. Relationship building 

Top billers have to prioritise their working relationships and spend time building them into long-lasting and close ones. By know their clients and jobseekers on a deep level, the top recruiters know what is expected of them and then deliver; “They build up loyalty and a great reputation in the process.”

3. Confidence 

It is no secret that you have to be able to talk the talk AND walk the walk to be a top recruiter. You need to be able to walk into a room full of Stakeholders and hold your own. However, being confident and being egotistical are two different things; In order to serve their clients to the best of their ability, top billers “speak with authority and have an attitude that you are there to help achieve their aims”.

4. Drive 

Referring the drive to deliver, the drive to meet (and beat!) target and the drive to consistently work hard, are all key traits of top billers. The top recruiters know that they are – to use a football analogy “As good as their last game.”, so ensuring they are consistently delivering for their clients and candidates ensures those relationships will continue to blossom and in turn will enable them to hit their target and take home the Top Biller crown. This does not happen overnight, it takes time, dedication and hard graft, but the consistent drive is a key trait of all top billers in recruitment. 

5. Marketing 

Where many recruiters go wrong in their desire to become a top biller is they focus on the selling and forget about the marketing. The best recruiters are a hybrid of sales, marketing and matchmaking – Promoting your skills, services and personal brand within your market not only showcases your knowledge within the space but demonstrates the value you can add to your clients and candidates. Marketing can come in many forms; from consistent, and targeted social media posts, providing interesting and specific content to your stakeholders to following up meetings with an “out of the box” note or gift. How you present yourself – and your personal brand – is one of the most important traits of a top biller.

6. Positive and Proactive Attitude

It is no coincidence that at Finlay James, our company ethos is “Positive, Professional, Expert”. These three things are not only synonymous with our core values as a business but are reflected in our own team’s believes AND those of the top billers. The most successful in the industry will consistently seek out new relationships and maintain a positive attitude throughout, because – let’s be honest – recruitment is one of the hardest sales jobs in the world and without a positive attitude, it is unlikely you’ll make it past your first 12 months. 

7. Time Management and Organisation 

We aren’t the first company to preach the importance of productivity and personal skills, however, in recruitment, it could not be more important. At any given time, top billers could be managing 50 candidates, dozens of live roles, alongside internal resources helping them to fill them. Understandably, the ability to multi-task and prioritise is important. Smart recruiters will plan their days and avoid wasting time on low-value tasks, the best recruiters will have done this the day before and already lined up the right resources to delegate any unnecessary work too. Prioritising the highest-value tasks is key to being a top biller, just like our very own Nick Guy – FJ’s 3x Top Biller!

Extracts taken from Satnam Brar's article for Undercover Recruiter - Have You Got the 10 Traits of a Top Billing Recruiter?