Finlay James goes World Cup crazy for Charity!

Finlay James goes World Cup crazy for Charity!

Leading national Sales recruiter, The Finlay James Group, will launch its new ‘World Cup Incentive’ next week.

The incentive, which officially kicks off after the World Cup opening ceremony on the 11th June, will see all employees across all branches battle it out to win the top prize.

The consultant who generates the most revenue from the date of the first World Cup match to the final on the 11th July will win a luxury holiday worth £1000 and will also get the opportunity to donate a further £1000 to a charity of their choice.

To get all its employees into the spirit of the World Cup, Finlay James has added an extra element to the incentive, all in the name of fun.  All employees, including the Director’s, have drawn the name of one of the seeded countries.  On each day their particular country plays a match, a Finlay James consultant will don an outfit to demonstrate their support for their chosen country!

Finlay James will also be introducing flexible working hours to allow all staff to follow England throughout the World Cup.

John Gaughan (team Italy!), Director at Finlay James Associates says:

“As a company it is fair to say we are football mad.  We hope to combine enjoying the football with placing lots of sales people.  This in turn will result in a substantial contribution to a worthy charity and a great holiday for one of our consultants.  Everyone really will be a winner.”