Fake it till you make it: Asserting yourself as a newbie in the workplace

Fake it till you make it: Asserting yourself as a newbie in the workplace

Congratulations, you’ve landed your dream job after a tasking interview process and weeks of crossing your fingers… but wait! Don’t get overconfident just yet and think you’ve reached the summit, you still have the daunting prospect of creating a killer first impression!

 As a student starting to emerge into the working world, I have found that the memorable anticipation of the first day at school is not left in childhood. The night before is as crucial now as it was as a five year old – setting the alarm at an appropriate time to avoid unforeseen mishaps, picking an appropriate outfit, setting off a good half hour before necessary – it’s all the same routines methodically carried out as a child. These irrational compulsions all stem from the crucial ingrained fact that you have a small window of opportunity to make a good and lasting impression as the new person in the workplace.

Here are my 6 tips for all sales professionals, whether junior or veteran, when entering into a new workplace.

1) Fake it till you make it.

This classic oldie will dissipate any nervous feelings on that first day. Put on your suit of confidence and remember those favourable qualities that convinced them to hire you in the first place!

2) Identify the top billers.

The stars of the office will be implementing tried and tested sales techniques – try to emulate their systems and you will match their success.

3) ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’.

Eleanor Roosevelt was clearly a saleswoman at heart speaking these immortal words. We are all at some point naturally intimidated by those veteran employees that seem to have become part of the company’s furniture. The fact is, that they have once been in the exact same position as you – and we all remember the nervousness of our first days!

4) Student mentality.

You are never too old to learn new things, don’t assume to know everything after a 30 year career – remember we are in the fast moving sales sector where change is constantly afoot. 

5) Enthusiasm.

This is a key quality that should not be left in your youth. Adopt an energetic excitement about your new position. People warm to positive people – don’t become an ‘at my last job’ bore.

6) Set realistic expectations.

Periods of adjustment aren’t always straight sailing. Take the pressure off and allow yourself to make mistakes, the mistakes after all provide the best learning curves.