Career Change Advice for Teachers – How To Transition From The Classroom To The Boardroom

Career Change Advice for Teachers – How To Transition From The Classroom To The Boardroom

If speaking in front of groups of children for 8 hours a day, five days a week for 5 years has left you fed up, you’re not alone. A Guardian survey indicated that 82% of teachers feel that their workload is unmanageable, with over 70% claiming it has a negative effect on both their physical and mental health.

Where to Start?

It can be daunting making a career change, especially from one you’ve worked so hard to get into. So where to start? Well, firstly you’ll need to narrow down the top 2-3 types of jobs/ fields you want to aim for. Narrowing your job search down will help you better prepare but will also help you weed out a lot of opportunities that are not the right fit.

If you’re stuck, here are some great examples of former teachers applying their skills to their new careers.

Educate Yourself

Once you’ve narrowed down the fields and jobs you’re most interested in, swot-up on what is going on in those industries and positions. Research the latest news, CV styles, the ‘best cover letters’ and LinkedIn profiles – find ways you can stand out and display your transferable skills for maximum impact.

Our consultants can provide invaluable, FREE advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and CV in order to attract the hiring managers you are looking to impress. 

Contact a Recruiter

Teachers have very marketable skills and experience. In addition to knowledge in development and learning, they often have excellent communication skills, public speaking and presentation skills and lots of experience dealing with difficult – and sometimes emotional – situations. All traits that companies are desperate to hire. One of your best (and did we mention, FREE) resources when facing a career change, is a recruiter. Recruiters have access to opportunities in all kinds of fields and if you know you have an interest in a particular sector, speaking to a recruiter takes the leg work out of the job search. You might even find that a career within recruitment itself is just what you’re looking for.  Jamie Farrar-Armiger made the leap from teaching into a career in recruitment 2.5 years ago…

"I enjoyed teaching as it gave me the chance to work with a subject that I have a great passion for. However, I knew that teaching would never provide me with the funds to achieve my goals outside of work. Recruitment was the ideal career change - in the short space of 2 years, I have learnt a lot about myself on a professional level and almost doubled my annual salary.”

If you’re a teacher looking for a change out of the classroom, view our live roles or contact the FJ team for advice and opportunities.