Automation and Recruitment: We Can Always Add Value

Automation and Recruitment: We Can Always Add Value

This morning I found myself thinking about the subject of technology and automation.

I must have been to more talks and read more articles on this subject than anything else (other than GDPR!) in the last year at various exhibitions, networking events and peer-to-peer events; which got me thinking about automation in recruitment and which parts of our role will be replaced.

I’m of the belief that technology is something we embrace as recruiters to enable us to do our jobs at a higher standard, and providing a better service to both our candidates and clients.

There are many aspects where recruiters could be more efficient and which could be replaced through automation. Here are a few I’ve read and heard about recently:


At a recent talk with The Recruitment Network, Hung Lee talks about Chatbots for factual information around things like FAQs. This has the potential to be a massive time saver for recruiters as well as improving the customer experience around simple, factual questions such as: “am I in or am I out of this recruitment process?”.

Social Profiles

Rather than CVs, we are already seeing the rise of the online brand and the networks people have. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a conventional alternative to the CV; and why shouldn’t it be? You can show more about who you are, what you want to do and how you can benefit others through your online footprint.


This is nothing new with most people using Skype as an method to interview in a connected world but newer companies like Hinterview change the way we can review a profile rather than just looking at CVs.

Scheduling Assistants

An area which could be automated through AI. I saw a recent talk from Johnny Campbell of SocialTalent where he suggested that we will laugh in years to come that we manually scheduled interviews. Surely this isn’t a bad thing; freeing up time for recruiters to access their networks and the value they can provide. I’ll talk about the value of our networks later.

Voice Searching

Candidates could begin asking the likes of Alexa and Google Home: “What jobs are there near me?”, meaning that the online search function may become obsolete. We may be a long way off but it’s certainly a possibility that we may have to configure our ads to appear on voice search.

Of course there are many other areas which will affect the way we recruit and our relationships with our clients. I am sure there will be more that are yet to be invented!

However, the value of our networks and talent pools cannot be underestimated. I recently had a situation whereby I was searching on a role for a client in the security space. A colleague of mine had just placed a candidate in a similar position and location and so naturally asked him who he knew that might be able to do the job. It just so happened that his best friend was looking and was a great match for the job, in the right location! Isn’t that funny?

So following the introduction we set up a conversation. We ran through the outline of the vacancy and the overview of the company. He was interested and actually said “ they reached out to me a while ago via LinkedIn but I didn’t reply because I get bombarded with messages all the time”.

Our relationships meant that we were able to get the chance to really understand what his needs were for his next opportunity, the challenges he had in his current position and really ensure that this job was right for him by discussing the ins and outs of both the position and company. Much more personal and detailed than a message over LinkedIn or email can portray. Brilliant, our client has an interview with the candidate they wanted!

I have no doubt that automation and technology will become ever present in recruitment and will help us save time, provide a better service and increase our profits but the very best recruiters (such as my colleague!) will spend their time creating talent pools in markets they know inside out. The conversations and meetings that they continue to have will be extremely hard to replace with an Alexa or a Siri. My colleague has only been able to do this by truly being a trusted advisor to the candidates and clients he works with and not a transactional recruiter which can be replaced by bots, AI and other tech!

What are your thoughts on automation and how it will affect recruitment and the wider job market? Everyone has their own thoughts on this, so I’m keen to understand your views!

Keep building those talent pools and get in touch if you are looking to increase your team or make your next career move!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your views.

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