An Interview with Award Winning Consultant - Martin Burnett

An Interview with Award Winning Consultant - Martin Burnett

Following winning the Manchester Downtown in Business 'Recruitment Personality of the Year' Award in January, we sat down with Finlay James’ Associate Director, Martin Burnett, to talk about his career so far, his predictions for the recruitment industry and what it means to him winning this award.

What does it mean to you, winning this award?

"It’s really nice to get some recognition for a lot of hard work learning my trade over the last 14 years – I have been fairly successful in recruitment but there are always ups and downs to contend with and so much to learn and fine tune. It’s good to know that people voted for me to be nominated in the first place so I must have done something right! I have had a long tenure at FJ and the company have grown so much and done a lot for me in that time, so to have something to show for it and to almost give back if you like, is exciting."

How long have you worked in recruitment?

"I have been in recruitment since 2005 and that whole time with Finlay James!"

Has the industry changed much since you started?

"Hugely, not only the recruitment industry itself but also the IT industries in which we work. I think the recruitment industry has developed from a purely phone-based industry to a more mobile and online/internet based industry. I feel that the face-to-face meeting of clients has taken a dip but still something very important and a lot of business is simply done over conference and the web, it’s just the way it is."

"There have been huge changes as well in the ability to reach the globe – for example, when I started at FJ we only focused on the north of England (Manchester to be even more precise) and now I am assisting customers and new start-up technologies from the US right across to Australia. One of my biggest growth areas is the USA and I do the majority of my work on my laptop and using communication mediums such as WhatsApp, Zoom and the telephone."

"Technologies have changed and has enabled the recruitment industry to roll with it positively. The landscape has changed but the methodology has not – hard work, dedication and persistence is key and always will be!"

What are your 3 predictions for the future of the recruitment industry?

  1. "Artificial Intelligence to play a much larger part in the industry but NOT what a lot of people saying that it will take over completely as I believe this will not be the case. It’s impossible to recreate the intangibles that human interaction brings in this profession."
  2. "Places where future candidates will be found – new technologies such as Google Hangout, Twitter and more surely to be introduced over time – consultants need to be more aware of these areas to find the best talent so they are not simply fishing from the same pool."
  3. "Candidates and the skills and experience they have will continue to rule the roost – candidates will have more and more control, particularly in the cyber security industry where there is a massive skills shortage globally. Companies are going to HAVE to pay more for the best talent. There is a war on for these people and the future is only going be more competitive."

Thank you for your time Martin, and congratulations again on winning the 'Recruitment Personality of the Year' award at the Downtown in Business Mancoolian awards.