6 great podcasts that every sales person MUST listen to

6 great podcasts that every sales person MUST listen to

We love sales podcasts because you can have instant access to wisdom from the most expert, innovative and successful sales leaders out there.

Plus, you can be on the go while you listen - perfect for your commute to and from work, driving to your sales meetings or even on your lunch break before an important meeting. Whether you want food for thought or practical tips for a real life situation, you can always find what you need. With most episodes under 50 minutes long, this is the best way to get a quick hit of priceless sales advice. Here’s our pick of the best 6.

The Advanced Selling Podcast (weekly)

This podcast is a classic and has been going strong since 2009. If you’re not already listening, start! Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey host weekly shows packed full with tips on mind set, how to achieve success, presentation skills, prospecting and how to be more productive. Plus, most episodes are around 15 minutes long so it’s incredibly easy to tune in to.

Instant Sales Podcast (weekly)

Are sales a bit lacklustre for you right now? Are you not getting anywhere with prospecting? Tune in to Steve Kloyda’s show for some serious advice on sales strategies, covering anything from the importance of organisation and confidence, to learning how to close a 6 figure sale and why honesty is the best policy. There really is something for everyone here, whether you’re new to sales or an old hand.

Salesman Podcast (weekly)

Only a couple of months old, in these podcasts, Will Barron interviews the world’s leading psychology, body language and sales experts to enable you to close more deals.  We rate this one because Will really addresses the current sales landscape, covering a lot of important and highly relevant topics like “Is consultative selling dead?” and “Has email killed the cold call?” -  Definite food for thought here. And don’t let the sales ‘man’ fool you – there’s plenty of women in his line-up!

Rocketship (weekly)

Ever dreamt of building your own start-up one day? Listening to the Rocketship could help it to become a reality. This podcast offers amazing advice from interviews with entrepreneurial leaders who have solid experience in start-up environments. All of the guests have achieved incredible success in their respective industry. Past guests include Janine Sickmeyer, founder of NextChapter; Rob Mueller, Director of FastMail; and Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot.

The Ziglar Show (monthly)

Inspired by the great sales leader himself, this podcast is great for a big dose of motivation. Each month, the panel take different quotes and messages from Mr Ziglar and discuss how you can use them in everyday life to come out on top. Listening to this show before an important meeting or before you go to close a deal will leave you feeling pumped and ready to rock.

The Sales Evangelist (weekly)

We especially love this one because Donald Kelly (aka The Sales Evangelist) is a major player in our sector - the exciting world of software sales. However, all sales people can learn from Mr Kelly. His regular podcasts (some times 3 in one week!) are very easy to listen to and focus on practical advice for real life sales situations, as well as personal development. Topics such as how to sell to women or a CEO, as well as LinkedIn tips and how to use a meeting agenda to your advantage, really equip you with solid understanding of how to become a sales leader.

Which podcasts do you listen to regularly? Let us know!