10 Signs of a High Performing Sales Person

10 Signs of a High Performing Sales Person

Throughout my career, I have met some seriously impressive sales professionals; inspiring individuals who you absolutely would buy from.    

I’ve also met some not so good sales people, but maybe that’s one for another blog…

I had a think about the most impressive sales people that  I have met over the years – and qualities they tended to have in common.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. They love feedback, good and bad. Especially from their customers as they know it leads to better results. 
  2. They care about great service. They know that providing an efficient and thorough service leads to repeat business. 
  3. They do not sell on price.  They sell on value. The value comes from being a trusted advisor which is a transformational, not transactional service.
  4. They make friends and influence people. Great sales professionals enjoy meeting new people and influencing them to see the world the way they do.
  5. They are good at teamwork. They understand that working as a team will help them achieve more than they could do alone.
  6. They are target driven.  They know their target and know what they need to do to hit it. Ask them where they are against these targets – any time – they will know.
  7. They plan the work then work the plan.  They have direction and know where they want to end up, and plan exactly how to get there. 
  8. They are optimistic not deluded. The best sales people stay positive when the bad news comes through. They do not walk round wearing rose tinted glasses, meaning you can rely on their forecasts. 
  9. They work hard but have a life. More time spent in the office can equal more deals and there are times when they have to put some extra hours in. They know however, that if they overdo it, they run the risk of burning out as they’re living to work.
  10. They have complete self-belief and commitment. The target will be hit. Failure is not an option…

Sales professionals who have all of the above are few and far between. If you have someone working for you who has all of the above qualities, look after them!

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