Ruth Farrar

Ruth Farrar

Managing Consultant


I joined Finlay James in 2010 – when we opened a new office in Birmingham, and boy have we grown since then!  Not only in numbers, and office locations (London, San Francisco) but in the services that we offer.  It has been an amazing journey so far, and the more we do the more you realise what opportunities lie ahead – exciting times!

I had my first job in IT Sales Recruitment in 1994 when I graduated – you do the maths! From then I progressed, became a company Director in an organisation I jointly started up, managed my own branch, trained and still worked hands-on. I actually love it, and have had the best roles of developing and training others using my (extensive!) experience, whilst also learning a lot of new skills and technologies myself in order to pass on.

I feel like I have done a ‘mirrored’ fast track of my previous recruitment career up until then. I started as a hands-on consultant (to prove I hadn't lost it!), did a small amount of managing, progressed into training, whilst still keeping my hand in on the client/candidate side, and am now responsible for growing the Birmingham branch.

If I had to summarise my role in a nutshell, I'd say "Committed to developing people internally and externally."