Riqaz Ashraaf

Riqaz Ashraaf

Principal Consultant


When I was 25, I signed a record deal with the leading dance label in the world.

While on my journey to such an achievement, I thought about quitting 10,000 times (and that’s a lowball estimate). Despite the constant rejections, mental and physical fatigue, trial and error overdose, I kept going. I am that person. Once I set out my mind to do something, it will happen.

Now, I put this same perseverance and resolve in my work as a talent consultant for Finlay James.

I’m well versed in communication, negotiations, new business generation and technology sales recruitment.

If you’re interested in grabbing a coffee to discuss how I can help you build the most effective workforce possible, please reach out via email (Riqaz.ashraaf@finlayjames.co.uk) or via telephone (0161 438 1930 Ext. 1076).