Melissa Hulbert

Melissa Hulbert

Executive Search Consultant


I joined Finlay James in September 2016 as a Talent Consultant in the Birmingham office. Since then, it a has been a huge roller coaster of ups and downs whilst genuinely learning something new everything day – both about myself and the recruitment world.

After spending the past 3 years in retail, I decided it wasn’t for me. But, I had no idea what was out there and available for me to do as a career. So I got onto some jobsites and searched for roles until I came across recruitment consulting roles. I loved the idea of being a recruitment consultant – helping people to find their path in life – just like I needed help to find mine. After doing extensive research, I came across Finlay James.

Settling in here was made so easy due to the bright personalities and my colleagues being so willing to help. I started with the in-house training; teaching me the processes on how to provide the best and most personal service to all candidates and clients. My role is to search for unique talent within the IT sector and to guide the individuals through the interview process whilst also liaising with the client - increasing the chance of the best outcome. 

As a Talent Consultant at Finlay James, my role is to find candidates and clients; match their skills and requirements so that clients can hire their ideal candidate and candidates can find their dream job.

If you are a candidate looking for that next step in your career, please get in touch on 0121 456 1301 or