Finlay James
Marie Bartz

Marie Bartz

Talent Consultant - US


My number one reason for choosing Finlay James was absolutely the people. When I went into my first interview, I was simply floored by how personable they were. While looking for a new position, I highly prioritized finding a company that truly cared for their employees and their clientele, and I knew I had done that within minutes of meeting with our CEO John Gaughan. Additionally, I was attracted to the challenge and excitement that surrounded starting up the San Francisco branch.

As a Talent Consultant, I’ve chosen to focus on the realm of Marketing Technology. In my free time, I’ve enjoyed learning Photoshop, Illustrator, html, and other skills in the area of design. Coupled with my interest in psychology, these skills have given me a curiosity into marketing, advertising, and other consumer-centred fields. I believe working in MarTech will allow me to learn more about these fields.