Kaleem Zaman

Kaleem Zaman

Talent Consultant


Why Finlay James?

When considering my next career move after an 18 month adventure travelling and working my way around the world, I was set on recruitment. After reaching out to several recruitment consultancies, attending interviews my decision became clear, Finlay James was right for me. The difference between FJ and other companies I spoke to was the willingness to invest in the individual rather than the numbers or past history, prepared to support and encourage. I cannot honestly say the same feeling was received from other similar employers. After just under a week in the role, I am adamant the right decision was made.

What will you be doing at Finlay James?

As a Talent Consultant, I will be working with the best SaaS sales professionals and helping them to accelerate their careers within some of the most exciting and fast-growing companies in the world right now.  

Looking ahead to a bright and prosperous future on my journey with Finlay James!