Gregory Robbins

Gregory Robbins

Talent Consultant


Favourite condiment and why… Wholegrain Mustard, although I’m not sure whether I want to commit to that decision...

The best and worst purchases I’ve ever made are… The best, my broadband package. The worst, my broadband package.

The spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten…‘Naga Sauce’, Google it. It was far too traumatic to relive.

If magic was real, the spell I would try to learn first would be… The spell which allows me to know all spells? (If such a spell exists… but I suppose magic isn’t real so you can’t tell me it doesn’t!).

The phone app I hate but love… It has to be Uber, it’s the worst feeling being able to see ALL of my past Uber trips and how much they have cost! But when it’s the early hours of a Sunday morning and freezing cold outside, it’s my best friend.