David Lee

David Lee

Executive Search Consultant


After working in a gym for a year post university. I felt that I was in a dead-end job and needed a change. I came across Finlay James and the world of recruitment.

Recruitment, like any sales position, is a competitive business. Spending almost 10 year at Coventry Godiva Harriers as a sprinter meant I felt right at home in this highly competitive business. I have also always considered myself quite a personable individual and as anyone will tell you happy to speak to anybody about anything.

I was welcomed into Finlay James with open arms, after a lot of in house training and a full information overload. My first year of recruitment was a roller-coaster of highs and lows but with the support of my colleagues in the Birmingham office and the directors within Finlay James I now couldn’t imagine myself in a different role.

If you are a client or a candidate looking for a new role please get in touch with Finlay James Birmingham.