Brendan Crosby

Brendan Crosby

Talent Consultant - US


I decided to pursue my opportunity with Finlay James over the other two offers I had for a number of reasons.

First, the horizontal business structure was particularly appealing to me. This was obvious from my first interview with the company as it was with their CEO, John Gaughan. Right off the bat, I understood that FJ is an organization that truly values the input from their employees all levels of the company.

Second, being a part of a British company as they open their first office in the United States. I felt that this gave me a unique opportunity to join a company on the ground floor without absorbing much of the risk that is traditionally associated with startups.

Third, the people. Every person I met during the interview process was incredibly welcoming and genuine. I really got the impression that this is a company that wants me to work for them and that my colleagues would make the working environment more enjoyable.

Of course, these are only a few of the reasons I opted for Finlay James. I could go on about why this is the right company for me to start my career with.

At Finlay James, I an a Talent Consultant specializing in Marketing Technologies (MarTech). Basically, what this means is that I find the best possible candidates for our clients in this industry. I am particularly qualified for this because much of my research during my MBA program focused on the buying habits of millennials, which is obviously the generation most influenced by MarTech. Additionally, I have a secondary role in helping to place candidates for our clients in cyber security.