Anthony Ingman

Anthony Ingman

Executive Search Consultant


I have chosen to focus my time as a consultant in the areas of BI, Big Data, AI (because it is my initials, as well as a fast growing tech sector) and Fintech. These areas of technology are those I have spent most of my time working on searches within since joining Finlay James in 2014.

From speaking with candidates across Senior Sales, Pre-Sales and Sales Management positions I have been able to learn a lot regarding the application of these types of technology and why they are so highly valued by the Software Vendors who provide them as well as Clients who see the ROI in such solutions.

The majority of my work is spent focused on interesting start-ups looking to place a first sales professional in region/technical resource in region or looking to expand across a specific region due to successes in the market or utilising new funding.

I am currently based out of Finlay James’ Birmingham branch however I work on roles across the globe with a strong focus on the UK, US and European market.

I am to make the recruitment process as stress free as possible for both client and candidate providing relevant information/data at every stage of the process to help with interview preparation as well as the decision making process.

If you are currently looking to grow your team or place a first sales professional on the ground in a new market across the BI, Big Data, AI and Fintech space get in contact at either 0161 438 1930 ext.1052 or

Likewise if you are looking for the next step in your career or interested in a conversation regarding the market at this moment in time please get in touch using the contact details above.